Movers & Makers: a co-creative series

The space and time given to mapping my anatomy was artful. A clear and gentle encouragement to use my imagination to generate an experience of parts of the me I can’t touch and new ways of moving was key to my capacity to explore, learn and recall the coordination. There was a deep sense of rest inside this practice while also being a subtly detailed and focussed study. Jennifer held the intimacy of the personal experience within a group while also weaving and directing the cohesion of the group intelligence arising in the moment. This session was a total pleasure and conveyed directly the richness of the Feldenkrais Method and Jennifer’s embodied wisdom within this practice.
— Camilla Maling, conference participant

Bio-Geology: Feldenkrais and the Art of Time and Motion

Sept 28 & 29 11:00 - 3:30 Saturday, 1:00 - 5:30 Sunday

Location: Georgette’s home in Ranchlands.

This special event is capped at 5 participants, as we collaborate to develop this new work

For information and registration contact:

Price $120

Georgette and Jennifer are thrilled to be collaborating to examine the cross-section of Feldenkrais, text, Butoh and language to observe our own layers of person in constant change. Go to the source.

Georgette Paré is an independent, private and university instructor in fine arts, theatre, dance and performance creation. She also teaches French and Spanish. Georgette views written and spoken words as collaborate palettes; with movement they release self concept and communication.

Jennifer is informed by Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy as well as Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Pochinko clown.

Please contact Georgette for more information, or… to register below.

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October 26 & 27 11 - 3:30

Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club, West Hillhurst

Early Bird $195 till October 15, then $225

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Two practitioners, Susinn Shaler and Jennifer Herzog, combine forces to offer a rich curriculum of ATM's and experiences to shift your moving and thinking to new level. When we come to know body -through movement- in an expanded way, let us consider how to take this into our movement life and how we make connections with others. Using simple tools, you will have fun applying the learning on the mat, to generate your own movements and skill off the mat.

Susinn Shaler is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner and an Anat Baniel Practitioner. She has devoted many years to the study of human movement and is passionate about the transformation possible within each of us.


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