Magic, Movement and Joy at Naramata, BC

One thing I value most about Feldenkrais is the way it helps me rethink my relationship with habits of all kinds. The ones you know about and the others that are in the background causing havoc without your awareness. Kind of like apps running in the background draining your battery. Habits good and bad are intrinsic to getting on with the business of life: all the driving, all the exercise, all the sitting, and all the routine chores and repetitive movement that implies. 

A habit has a mind of its own.  We've all tried to get rid of, get around, get over or even ditch our problems. It might be more interesting to ponder what's waiting for us on the other side of habitual, repetitive unconscious ways of moving and being? What's beyond our current reality and what are we really aiming for here?

I say it is Joy. The joy of being more fully myself, living in greater contact with my essence and potential. What does that question evoke for you?

Bring your self, habits and all, to a place outside of time- far away from your routine.

As my 5 day retreat at Naramata approaches, I’ve been asking friends who love and know it there, to share why it so beloved by everyone who ‘discovers’ it.

“Magical”. “a REAL retreat”. “Rustic British Columbia”. “So much to see, do and taste”

They say Naramata is at the end of a road that’s not on the way to anywhere else, but from July 8 – 12 it’s on the way to a transformative Feldenkrais retreat. I invite you to join me there.

Move with Joy at Naramata because:

·      each morning’s movement class will ease you out of weary habitual patterns of moving into fresh discoveries about yourself.

·      No driving, rushing or distractions.

·      Many options for recharging in nature, and so much time for rest.

·      You learn in a small group format, meet new friends, and receive personalized help.

·      You will delve deeper into the work, and into yourself.

·      More than anything, you receive significant and cumulative benefits from practicing every day.

·      Discounted Private Functional Integration® lessons available every afternoon.

Not sure if Awareness Through Movement® is for you? Not sure if you’re ready to spend a week with me?!

Take 20 minutes or so to do this lesson I call the Starfish. Listen to the intro first, then off you go. Here’s the Lesson

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Jennifer Herzog