Community, Growth & a New Focus

Feldenkrais and Friendship: a series of collaborations

With our precious, vulnerable World in such need of a sane, unified response, I am moved to aim higher and wider as I continue to rethink what I do and why.

For any one of us in a position to drive change - there is hope in the framework of ‘a more beautiful world’. One in which each of us lives to our heartfelt capacity- as an expression of authenticity, compassion, flexibility & creativity. And this cannot happen in isolation, but in friendship, love and connection. From these feelings and thoughts, the idea to collaborate was born.

Bio-Geology: Explore passage of time through motion

Sept 28 & 29 11:00 - 3:30

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Location TBA depending on numbers.

All levels welcome.

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We bear the history of past, present and future worlds in our bodies. Georgette and Jennifer are thrilled to be collaborating to examine the cross-section of Feldenkrais, text, Butoh and dance to observe our own layers of person in constant change.

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Georgette Paré is an independent, private and university instructor in fine arts, theatre, dance and performance creation. She also teaches French and Spanish. Georgette views written and spoken words as collaborate palettes; with movement they release self concept and communication.

It has been a summer of growing in my work, and creating connections with a wider reach. Each encounter, person, and experience have presented themselves as an unexpected series of GIFTS!

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I learned to move in ways I thought were no longer possible
— Naramata Retreat participant

Making Connections: our self in relation

October 26 & 27 11 - 3:30

Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club, West Hillhurst

Early Bird $195 till October 15, then $225

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Two practitioners, Susinn Shaler and Jennifer Herzog, combine forces to offer a rich curriculum of ATM's and experiences to shift your moving and thinking to new level. Using simple tools, you will have fun applying the learning on the mat, to generate your own movements and skill off the mat.

Susinn Shaler is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner and an Anat Baniel Practitioner. She has devoted many years to the study of human movement and is passionate about the transformation possible within each of us.


The Naramata Gift

I am grateful for the support from the Naramata Centre to make Move with Joy’- a 5 day retreat - as enjoyable and as appropriately challenging as possible for each student. Within our group of 11 women, the diversity of hopes, abilities and dreams were beautifully woven into web of friendship, safety and shared visions and goals. After a week of starting small, and gradual preparation, each of us finished the week by generating a wide range of movements: rolling, folding, reaching, pushing, extending and spiralling with ease and grace to the floor and back up again.

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The Gift of Presenting

The Feldenkrais Method® is situated within a wide community of movement and somatic practices. It was a thrill to take my ‘place at the table’ at this conference filled with Somatic Psychologists, Performance Artists, Social Activists and Community Builders to name a few.

oh, Santa Barbara!

oh, Santa Barbara!

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Stories that Move Us: The Invitation

Lana Skauge & Jennifer Herzog. Date and Location TBA

We will quietly investigate our body’s precious knowing through minding our movement. We slow down, just enough, to really listen. Extend an invitation to Your Body, to learn, hear and see what is longing to be told/spoken.

“The longing of the body into word”
— Janet Adler

Lana has been a professional actor/singer since 1979 and is a member of both stage (C.A.E.A.) and film (A.C.T.R.A.) associations. Celebrating twenty four one-woman shows, eleven plays and three published books, her original creations have provided decades of touring across Canada and the UK.  Closer to home, Lana is in constant demand as a Drama Specialist and as an Artist in Residence for special interest groups.  She has taught at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal College, Old Sun College, University of Lethbridge and Artstrek.


“I found myself moving in ways I no longer thought possible”

Naramata participant.

Jennifer Herzog